Gloomy Times ahead? Why?

Again this morning, talk was all about cuts of about £10bn to be found across the next couple of years, and looking at government departments (about bloody time!) to see where they can cut. (Not be more efficient – but cut!) 

They talked about ring fencing and yet not they have now mentioned the possibility of also cutting into the front line which they said they wouldn’t touch! Do you not think they have had enough already; they have had pay frozen for last 2 years while the people on the dole get a rise in their benefits every year. Makes you think why we bother to work?

Instead of cutting – IT DOESN’T WORK!, lets concentrate on how we make this country great again by growth. Let’s get people wanting to work and businesses wanting to take on people again. 

Couple of suggestions: 

Cutting Employers National Insurance Rate, this will encourage employers to take on more full time staff instead of trying to juggle around a load of part-timers. This will in turn take people off income support benefit (saving money) and bring revenue in per the PAYE taxes. This will also spark off confidence in spending and therefore more indirect taxes coming into the coffers. 

Cutting the top rate of corporation tax: Encourage multinational companies to base there HQ in this country and pay a competitive rate of tax on profits. We are the highest rate of corporation tax in Europe!! No wonder companies think of ways not to pay tax in the UK. As an accountant it’s our jobs to reduce their UK tax bill by the most legal and efficient ways.

Public spending: I know we have to make cuts but lets look at the best ways of doing this. Recently a health trust was charged £300 for changing a light bulb! Just because its on a contract. How crazy it that? The red tape that is involved in everything that the public sector does is a nightmare, Lets form small teams to investigate how we can make public sector more efficient and spending is more realistic and lets pay small business owners for a little of their time to assist in this, they know how to find the best deals on spending instead of London based EXPENSIVE consultants who haven’t got a clue what things cost outside of the M25!

Foreign Aid: I’m not saying don’t help those that are in need, but we supporting a lot of causes where their own country has got a lot of money and can’t be bothered (or has the need because countries like us will already do it) to give it out! Lets reduce our foreign aid and support this country instead.

Small businesses are the backbone of this country and employ millions of workers. They are also the honest tax payers who pay the full rate asked of them. This country owes it to them to give them the best chance of survival and growth.

These ideas are just my opinion and everyone is entitled to give their own – for now at least! But thats a different issue.

Mr Cameron, Mr Osbourne and all the opposition – lets make this country great again and be proud to say – Made in Britain!!


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