The Grass is Not Always Greener

Recently, I had a call from an ex-client I had lost to another accountant about 9 months ago. The reason they went to them was based on price and I was not willing to lower mine. The other accountant was lower price than me and stated to client that they could do all that I was providing at the time, Payroll, Bookkeeping, VAT, Monthly Reviews, Accounts & Tax.

Anyway, had the phone call from client stating that they wanted to meet up for a chat, and discovered during the meeting that the new accountant had not delivered what they promised. They (the client) have now brought the bookkeeping in-house and finding things overwhelming and not sure where they are. I agreed to review the books and report back to what state the business was in.

I enjoy working with clients who are looking to improve and grow and have agreed with the client on supporting them and helping them grow. With the same fee as I was getting before, with more concentration on business performances and reviews.

This is not a post about slagging other accountants, most out there are absolutely brilliant at year end accounts and tax advice to their clients but not experienced enough at helping businesses out on a pro-active role. I have changed my business model to be more pro-active to my clients and generally pass year end processes to other accountants. I choose clients who want to grow and improve their business and many of my ‘pro-active’ clients have their own accountants, who I will work with.

What I advise to clients is this: If you have an accountant, ask them if they can be more pro-active and request the benefits of them doing more business reviews, or if they can’t then please get someone who has industry experience and proven history who can work with your company to help it grow. You don’t have to change accountants to make this happen and it needn’t be too expensive.  The benefits are there for all, directors, accountants and of course your pro-active consultant.

I’m offering a 30-minute free review meeting for any company, if you are based in north-east then it will probably be a face to face meeting, outside the area then a web meeting chat.


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