Last Minute Blues?

Time and time again I am introduced to clients who have left important business affairs such as accounts to be prepared until the last minute. This is being found as the norm when smaller businesses are concerned, whether it be the scary thought of paying tax so they wait until the last minute or they do not want their competitors to see how they are doing.(I say let your competitors see how well you are doing, it will scare them! As a business you should be reviewing your competitors anyway to keep sharp in the market place.)

I find this frustrating from a consultant point of view as company owners cannot make an informed or accurate decision on their business with figures and information that is around 9 months old!

Changing to more regular information need not be a strain on an owners time but will be so valuable, with the software that is available on the cloud is readily accessible and very economical.

Every aspect of the business can be recorded on the cloud which the owner can access from anywhere in the world. They can review and check on staff, perform invoicing, check the bank and make online payments, marketing via social media and email and generally set up systems and structures that can be implemented into their company. Staff, whether in house or outsourced, can have access to certain ares which are all tracked to ensure efficiency.

No matter the size of business, I believe that any company should have systems in place, a structure to guide them and especially support from professionals. This will give them the opportunity to grow and improve and ultimately compete in today’s global market.

Any feedback from my blogs would be welcome so please share this with your contacts so I can offer free help and support to any small business setting up.







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