‘My company is too small for that…’


The one sentence I hear about from about 99% of small companies when we talk about systems and processes. They picture a big 500 page manual detailing everything when it comes to doing what they normally do on a day to day basis. It doesn’t need to be complicated and especially does not need to be a 500 page manual.

I tell them this…… every thing in the world has a process, even when you breathe your brain send signals to the muscles around your lungs to inhale and exhale, thergo a process.

Every business in the world no matter what their size needs a process that is structured and followed. It is the only way that efficiency can be achieved and the potential for growth is unlimited.

Start with the basics….operations, how you do your product/service etc. for example, servicing a boiler has a process which every heating engineer must follow, Every mince pie has a recipe of how to prepare it and how to cook it. Document it, summarise it and make sure it is followed. Then move on to the other parts of your business:

Sales & Marketing (how you get your customers and more importantly, how do you keep them).

Finance (how do you collect your money and pay your bills)

Staff & training (even though you may be a ‘one-man’ band you are still an employee and must follow the rules)

This is time to have a discussion with a specialist. They can help set them all up ready for your input because nobody knows how you do your business better than you! You just adapt as to customer needs and demands, making the perfect Pie!

But please do not spend hours and days of otherwise productive work on this as you still need to bring in sales and still need to pay the bills. Bring in a specialist!


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