Artificial Intelligence – taking over the world?

I was watching a documentary lately on artificial intelligence (AI) and how the vast development is showing and demonstrating emotions from human input. This got me thinking of how AI is involved in business processes, and possibly forcing the reduction of the need for certain elements of accounts staffing.

A recent report from Deloitte highlighted, technology advances have historically eliminated some jobs and created others. There’s no reason to suppose that this trend will not continue, says Deloitte: “We cannot forecast the jobs of the future, but we believe that jobs will continue to be created, enhanced and destroyed much as they have in the last 150 years.”

For example, software that can read a scanned receipt and allocate the data into accounting software, the accounting software that automatically retrieves the data from the business bank account and can allocate those entries against those receipts and allocate to nominal codes. All this is AI with the input of human thoughts, giving way to independent computer ‘thoughts’ as to parameters and functions.

This may reduce the need for data entry staff but will still require the skills of bookkeeper and accountant to ensure that the data is allocated to the correct accounts and shows the realistic and true key indicators in the business. This AI will not take over the full role of accounting staff but will ensure that we as business support services have to update and upgrade how we work with businesses. offering holistic packages with cloud access.

Let’s not worry about AI taking over the world and embrace how development can make personal and business lives easier and more efficient. The world is a smaller place and trade is a lot easier with the cloud, which is only going to get faster by the speeds and the ease of access (mobiles, tablets etc.)





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