The state of work in 2017

I am a husband of a public worker, a primary school teacher, and the opinions expressed are my own and not of other people who work in public sector.

We are in a state of fear, I have never seen so many employers take full advantage of the situation of this country. Where you dare not say anything derogatory against your work or employer otherwise you will be pushed out or lose your job. Where quality teachers, nurses, doctors, firemen, policeman and public sector workers would rather leave the industry than put up with the conditions they are facing now.

These jobs are not a job, they are a vocation. Teachers enjoy educating children and building our future, medical staff want to heal people, emergency services want to save us from our dangers and quality staff want to give as much as they can in their chosen field. They are being held back on everything that they do.

I can only speak from an outside view but being a husband of a primary school teacher I have lost my wife. I have lost her to the excessive workload that is put on her by the education authority and government as they cannot stick to one route and keep on changing and moving the goalposts.

My wife loves teaching and she is an outstanding teacher (it’s what OFSTED say – cannot argue with that) but every night she comes home with her box full of books to mark. There is no time through the day and teaching assistants are pushed to the limits to actually assist. Marking books is not just ticking and noting the correct marks but EVERY piece of work requires a response. It is time taking and overkill. They have a minimum of 6 sets of books and 3-4 folders all full and with a class of 27-30 kids, that’s a lot of marking!

It is not unknown for my wife to work up til 1am in the morning making sure she is caught up with planning and producing the work ready for lessons, marking, form filling and additional work teachers have put on them, and this with technology that is so old and so slow that the kids know more about it than the staff! So to say they have long holidays is absolutely full of sh*t…..when the school is closed to the kids the teachers are in the classroom taking work off walls and replacing it with fresh backing and subject matter and no the teaching assistants are not in during the school holidays. The councils are attempting to reduce pay of the assistants as they are paid for holidays and councils do not like this. I not saying they don’t work hard but the normal public & private sector workers work their shift and can switch off, Something a teacher cannot do.

The government expect the teachers to work all the hours available to bring the education standards up to compete with global levels but they DO NOT listen to teachers and head teachers on the best way to do this. If they actually sat down with them and listened to how efficient teaching works then they could actually see results without losing so many quality teaching staff. The pay increase cap that has been in force since 2010 has been a big factor in recruiting and retaining staff, especially when inflation is now hitting over 3%. Most council rates have been allowed to increase by 4.99% which hits the pockets of public sector workers directly in their pockets. We worked it out on a teacher that has been teaching for over 20 years, gets approximately £15 per month extra after the 1% pay increase to spend on household bills which have increased on average £2000 per year. No wonder public sector workers are looking at the private sector and jobs abroad! Whereas MP’s get 11% pay increase and all their expenses are covered.

Going back to the fear factor, teachers are so afraid of losing jobs or being pushed out that they cannot be outspoken against the establishment. Whether it’s against policies set by the management or the government they are made to feel small if they have a day off, get sick or even have a baby!! They are manipulated in doing the job they love because their employers know it’s a job they love, I said before it’s a vocation not just a career. The unions are no good as they have no power anymore, as most of the union reps are under the employment of the councils/educating body. My opinion is that the unions should be scrapped. We need both of our salaries so my wife feels that she cannot upset anyone…….fear factor.

Something needs to change as we cannot trust the MP’s to do it. I believe in democracy but we vote in people who are out for themselves and not for the people. MP’s who are rich and have received a high standard of education because of their tax-avoiding families. They look after the rich and damn the poor and working class but they NEED us when it’s there time for re-election. No party is trustworthy, they would rather stab each other in the back than get together to make this country great again (My God – I sound like that f**king idiot TRUMP!) I believe in this country and the workers, I believe in workers from other countries who want to make a great life here and I believe that the world wants our products because we used to have a quality that everyone wanted. I believe in helping our fellow human being and if they need us in a crisis then we are there, whether at home or abroad. We have buggered up this world environmentally and we need to slow down killing mother earth. (now i’m bloody Greenpeace).

I digress from the subject, we need to show our government that we don’t trust them and we need to get  them to listen to our experts on how we should be running this country because at the minute they are all out for themselves. Thank you for reading this and if you have fallen asleep then sleep well and rest east….tomorrow is just another working day.






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