Change! – What is it good for? Absolutely Nothing… or is it?

Again I hear business owners who have been plodding along with their companies, paying the bills but not really growing. They are usually family owned companies which have been handed down through the generations and don’t think change is necessary in this modern world.

There will be some industries that can still trade with companies that haven’t changed but I see that with the way the modern world is changing in way of technology these industries will be forced to move along with the times.

I agree change can be difficult but if it is planned and executed effectively it can make a very positive effect to the business. For example changing from a stand alone computer accounting system to a cloud system is a big system change but I have seen and performed a change of this magnitude for the better and the results that has been achieved with live and updated data is magnificent!

If a company is selling to the public they HAVE to change to keep up with the modern ways business is transacted. If you do not take card payments then you will and I stress WILL LOSE sales. Modern workers/customers carry less cash and have more reliance on their debit cards. Businesses should be profiling their customers to understand how they can change to keep them interested in their product. Recently I was in a coffee shop, privately owned, I noticed the menu on the tables. The menu was quirky and hard to understand. I asked the server why the menu was like this and the response was ‘because the owner likes it that way’…….WOW! He also went on to say that customers are going away from the menu and not ordering food but just a coffee and then leaving…..I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, they have modernised their payment process to accept cards, technology was helping the business on stock levels etc. BUT they have missed the basic lesson, helping the customer make a decision to buy more from you. I asked the server to mention my advice to the owner and we will wait to see if anything changes.

I hear the same statement again and again……it what we do and we like to do it our way. I want to finish off by saying, please do not leave it too late to change to meet the modern customer, you will lose out.


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