Moving to the cloud

Moving to the cloudRecently, I have had the privilege of helping clients and their companies move their accounting system over from a desktop computer (usually with no security) to a cloud solution with high security and online backups.

This to the ‘un-technically’ minded can be a daunting task but with my experiences of taking baby steps with the client, they can see the benefits and not feel that the task of ‘doing the books’ seem scary.

I have 3 levels of training I do with the client; Basic, Progressive and advanced.

With the Basic level of training, introducing them to the accounting software, ensuring they can do their basic daily tasks; invoicing, bank feeds, data entry etc.

Because I offer a bespoke service to my clients and no client is the same, it means that we can tweak the system to match the needs of the business and how they operate.

Then I take them onto Progressive after they feel comfortable with basic functions. With this training, I introduce them into how they can scan documents for supporting evidence to the transactions and how it is stored securely on the cloud within their accounting system. This shows efficiency with the business and the users have always shown relief in how we can save them time and money.

The Advanced level is where they are taken through budgets, management accounts and full use of the utilities in the accounting software. I would also take them through journals that may be required and how I would post them for the monthly support we provide.

It doesn’t have to be daunting to change from desktop to the cloud. Clients have done this and found it be a smooth transition and even more efficient than what they currently have with no extra costs for servers, hardware etc.

If you would like to find out how this could be helpful for your business then just ask and I am more than happy to give you a free evaluation on your system. #justaskbox

Picture acknowledgement from ‘Moving on to the cloud’



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