About Big Box Consultancy

Gary is a pro-active accountant who has over 25 years accounting experience with various industries through working in practice.

BIG Box consultancy is the business support of Box Accounts, helping companies who want to grow and improve. Giving them ideas on systems and monitoring with support to make their company grow.

In the past, proven history has shown that companies with a low credit score means that there is something wrong in the company and with the support and consultancy from Gary the score has improved dramatically.

LInkedin Profile

Amanda Lipman
Director, Geoffrey Lurie Solicitors Ltd

Gary is great, he has helped me enormously with my finances, from tackling the inland revenue, advising on expenses and giving very sound advice generally, to transitioning a relocation of my offices to great new premises, which I would not have done without Gary’s guidance and expertise. He is not just a very competent accountant but he understands businesses, and my business is stronger because of this. I couldn’t recommend Gary highly enough. He also is a fantastic networker and actively encourages and develops links with other businesses and gives ideas for new areas. His charges are also very reasonable and excellent value



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